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"⏳💚🧡💜💞💯🤪🌈🌍 Who Knew!!!🎶😜👽🎶started in 2004/2005 Twighlight5 lost her to email conjunction one day!!.💘 has a heart of gold. Only not in money form!!! ❤️💜💯🇨🇦💞🌎 WHEN ONE GIVES THEIR PW OUT and THAT PERSON GIVES TO ANOTHER, guess that's how garbage get spread. Haters hate, and they spread the bs when things don't go their way. HAVE A FANTASTIC DAY, YEAR,!!!! BELIEVE AS YOU WISH. HUGSs and LOVES ❤️ TO ALL WHOM GREW TOGETHER THROUGH THE YEARS.💕🫂😜🙂(*-゜)v 💯💚Be unlawful, Be unkind be un True to the game, Blame it on yourself for the shame you hold, as they know whom they were, are, As i will always love being clean with Green. "
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