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Perform Raids to gain experience and Gold. Certain Raids also give you a chance to come away with a Discovered item, which may be required for a future Raid or sold back to the store.

Campaigns: Raids are broken up into mutiple Campaigns, 6 Raids per Campaign. You unlock new Raids and Campaigns as you level up. Use the Change Campaign link near the top of the Raids screen to see the other Campaigns.

Raid Requirements: Raids require Certain Hero skills and specific Equipment to perform them. You will see these requirements in the Raid description.

Raid Mastery: As you perform Raids, your master of that Raid increases. Get to 100% to gain a bonus. Master all Raids in a Campaign to get a better bonus. You can master all Raids twice (Level 1 and Level 2). You must master all Raids at Level 1 in a Campaign before you can start Level 2 mastery of that Campaign.
Raids (NEW!) | Help Topics | Road to Valhalla Home

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