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Battling with Others
Battle other players to gain experience, steal their gold, make a name for yourself, and to exact revenge. You use Stamina to battle with others. You use 1 Stamina per battle, and when it reaches 0, you can't battle again until your Stamina regenerates or you recharge it. When you or your Rival's Health goes below 25, you (or your Rival) can't battle again until your Health regenerates or is recharged. The exception is being Marked for Death. Anyone Marked for Death can be battled with until their Health goes to 0. See Mark of Death and the Favor of the Gods for more info.

Battle Strength: Your strength in a battle is determined by your profile Rage, Reflex, and Instinct values as well as your Equipment's values. The amount of Equipment you use in a battle is determined by how much Crew you've added. You use 1 Companion, 1 Weapon, and 1 piece of Gear for every Crew member you have. You automatically use the best item in each category. Your Rage, Reflex, and Instinct is compared to your rival's when determining the probability of winning a battle. Lower values can still win, though with a lower probability.

Special Battle Equipment: You can buy special Equipment (Boosts) that can used during a battle. See the Boost Equipment for descriptions of how they can help you win.
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