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"<p>馃拹馃巸馃拹 LIFE CAN BE A CHALLENGE, AND GOD HAS A WICKED SENSE OF HUMOUR !! 馃馃惒馃TRY TO BE GRATEFUL FOR SOMETHING EACH DAY. JUST ONE THING. DOESN鈥橳 HAVE TO BE BIG. PAT A PET, GO OUTSIDE AND FEEL THE ELEMENTS. LOOK AT THE SKY AND GREEN THINGS. 馃崄馃馃崄 BE KIND TO OTHERS鈥OU NEVER KNOW HOW MUCH THAT GIFT CAN MEAN.. 馃尰鉂わ笍馃尰THANK YOU TO ALL WHO STAND UP FOR FREEDOM AND TRUTH. WAR IS HELL. I PRAY FOR PEACE IN EVERY LAND.馃尶馃晩馃尶TO MY FRIENDS HERE YOUR TIME SHARED WITH ME IS PRICELESS!! YOU ADD JOY TO MY LIFE WHEN WE MAKE EACH OTHER SMILE AND MAYBE A SNORT LAUGH OR TWO!! I HOPE I CAN BECOME A BETTER FRIEND TO YOU. 馃お馃槑馃槏 LOVE MY STEELERS!!馃洜馃張馃洜 sorry blog with pets to gift not up to date. nothing from hallofun yet. message me for list of pets. please play with your pets. i would be over the moon happy if a hell steed, 2D hellbeta or hell uni came into my life!! working on a white squirrel 馃崄馃惪馃崄huge huggzez and play on!! have fun!! 馃拹may 13 the bull馃拹</p>"
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