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"On aug 12,2015 (7 days after my bday )my lil sis took her own life...10 days later a wonderful man who i love so much,lost his life...people let ur loved ones know u care.tell them every day.even if it just a text or mail with aheart.be a pest about it.make each moment count as if its ur last.................. MY ACCEPTANCE OF YOUR FRIEND REQUEST IS NOT , NOT AN INVITATION TO PM ME..im Not at all interested in pixel hookups ....bday is august5......,.....take a look around .this world we live in ...its like someones idea of sik joke .......i dont want to start any blasphemus rhumors, but i think that God has a sick sense of humor and when i die i expect i will find Him laughing....why do some pixels dumb themselves down when chatting.some to the point of making themselves seem illiterate and ignorant ...smh ..whatever floats their boat i guess lol..Thanks for the bday gifts,cards n wishes for a happybday..extra special ty to my Tinkadink ❤"
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