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"hey if u play SAS3 look me up ZombieHunter k thanks back ta stuff on here now ok join my friend's group (MYLEY) please join The group (DHO) if ur reading dis I'm already home i am single read me blog and post ur comments P.S. on 3-22-2015 my real puppy Sue said I Love You P.S. on 4-8-2015 my real dog Sue became my official guard puppy soon my official guard dog if u cant accept d way i talk den jus block me or learn ta accept it cause aint gnna change u can either b a friend or a foe u block me will rtf by blocking u right back wen find out u blockd me ur either friend or foe wit me if u r mean ta me i will block u and dont have any1 post wat u say ta get me unblock u aint happenin idc if u r my best friend and u say please unblock dis person says dey will b nice i will not unblock person am done wit mean ppl if ur lookin 4 rl dog tags custom 1s check out https://www.dogtagart.com/ prices r only $12.99 for 1 I BECAME UNCLE TO A BEAUTIFUL NEPHEW AT 3:49 PM 10/24/2016 ITS SO AWESOME"
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