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" * Looking for Santa or Green Alligators, Bookworm, Mega Bee or Metal pets only! So far you collected 519 white fairy charms,177 snowman foreground charms, 402 Holiday Charms, 27 Peacock charm, 68 Green Fairy Charms, 133 Winterescape Charms and 195 Snowflake Charms, 94 Spring Charms, 4 Beach Shoe Charms and 57 yellow fairy Charms!!! Thanks midders for level 155, levels 46-50 and 80-93 curse free for loot! CFNWS PLAPT, XMAS1, DSEBF, KICK8, LVCNR, DAWNL!! 10/19/19 finally made it to 60k trophy points, 3/22/21 70k trophy points! RIP Ladybug4226 3/10/22 you will be greatly missed sis :("
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