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"July20th was her bday in heaven. She wouldve been 64..My SISTER JUST GOT HER WINGS 😔IVE LOST HER TOO NOW It hasn't been 8mo since I lost you I am lost 💒 I miss U Daddy.I am sooo very very sad, 😪 It is soo very hard for me, cause I am a Daddys girl. I miss him so much 😢 -LORD GIVE ME STRENGTH.......😪.. I just want to let you all know that I am going to need ur prayers 🙏 LET'S REMEMBER the 3 W s' 😷 - Wear a mask- Wash your hands - Watch your distance...AND DONT TOUCH UR FACE...💗Hugzies and mwahs! ...Wubs ya..My bday is 04/04 ..."💉GET VACCINATED/💉 STAY SAFE. ..I am collecting ☔ rain 🌧 and snow ❄ foregrounds charms. 🙏 HAVE A BLESSED DAY💒 I'm collecting candle vigil charms 🕯 PLZZ"
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