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"my grandson was born on my mother's birthday March 13th RIP DAD.Love you&Love and miss you paul RIP Lego sis. Love you miss you. Ts 100025 10/7/2020 I love cellufun, because of all the great wonderful people I've met on here my cellufun family and friends💜our little Butterball was born on Thanksgiving Dayshe's a girl and her name is star 7 lb 15 oz 11/28/2019⭐ happy birthday to my granddaughter Trophy score 90007 6/5/19. I'm going to be a grandma so happy happy happy thank you Jesus all my family and friends love you and miss you Don't forget Christian's carried a sword and I will fight to my death for the rights that God gave me I love CELLUFUN Merlin the great Gandalf the White sir King Arthur Hermione Granger Our🐾you are my love and will always be 😝I am blessed I am grateful I am happy😝 I'm a cash cow in all war games. Rest in peace Coco and honey pot and Rosie honeydew"
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