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"Today, June 6, is D-Day 1944 Remembered. Please fly your Stars and Stripes on June 14th Flag Day ! I've been a Cellufun player since 02/05/05 with MrE2U to play chess. This is my 6th Avatar. First choices always in CL! Born a Libra in 1947. I am thankful to be Number 1 in Level in 4 CF War Games: Special Ops 馃敨20539, Road To Valhalla 20727, Stalking Dead 8840 and 566 in Shimmering Seas; as well as No. One on 12 Leaderboards! I'm also Level 1151 in Mob Wars, and 812 in VR. I welcome battles, so please feel free to attack! Trophy points: 37,723. Politically:The U.S. needs an honest patriotic President with Integrity instead of a selfish apprentice in our Whitehouse, who doesn't intentionally spread misinformation. Vote for Joe Biden! Vote BLUE in every race to erase RepubliCON control of our lives!"
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