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"馃懝 Happy HALLOFUN! 馃懡馃拃馃憖 I've been a Cellufun player, under another screen-name, since Feb. of 2005. First choices always in CL! Born a Libra in October, 1947. Active duty US Marine 1964-65; Vietnam Era Veteran. I am thankful to be Number 1 in Level in 4 CF War Games: Special Ops 馃敨20575, Road To Valhalla 20727, Stalking Dead 8900 and 651 in Shimmering Seas; as well as No. One on 13 Leaderboards! I'm also Level 1299 in Mob Wars, and 844 in VR. I welcome battles, so please feel free to attack! Trophy points: 39,030. Politically:The U.S. needs an honest patriotic President with Integrity instead of a lying apprentice, who doesn't intentionally spread misinformation; Making America Sick Again Yes, MASA! Vote Biden/Harris and say 'Bye-Don!馃憢 Vote BLUE in every race to erase RepubliCon control of the races!"
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