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"Thanks for making my birthday a special day...:) 1st Aug. I cherish each and every wish, card and gift. Thanks cf family. No flirts or gbs needed ty. ♥️♥️♥️Proud Member of D1VAS♥️♥️♥️ Luking for Moose, Stag, Doberman and Realistic Hipo. Visit my blog for pets available for giveaway and pets I am lacking.🐧🐤🐗🦉🐙🐠🐳🦭🐆** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hi all.I am Anu Gupta from india.Join TRY1,JAZAC,WNG,IPET,CTC1 for awesome games n gifts. ADMEE is best bonfire group.@@Kitykat1955 is my lovely mama..She is best in the whole cf.Love u loads.@@ my Birthday 1 aug. My mid is empty. No use of stealing :) _____________________________________________ **Collecting Dragon claw Charms** No more Osgbs and Hgbs and flirts plz. :) _____________________________________________ I am part of NGO that works fr educating poor families. Look for us on fb- Kachisadak Foundation. Please help with donations. :) Pm to get more details. Thanks. -------"
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