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"CF...When are u going to fix the ANDROID APP? Haven't ✔ my PMs since February. 📜 Please feel free 2 BATTLE, KICK, SKIRMISH, FIGHT, CHALLENGE or STEAL from me 2 help urself LEVEL UP or WIN TROPHIES! 🏆 BTW ~ ONLY these 7 levels (4,5,6,8,13,16 and 19) r NOT cursed in my mid 🔼, but those levels only carry the 2nd best TREASURE...the CANOPIC JARS. ⚱ If u can get past my GUARDS on any of my cursed levels, u'll get the BEST TREASURE...the SARCOPHAGUS! ⚰ Proud to be on TWO LEADERBOARDS n the FunFlirts game 💖 as 1 of the FRIENDLIEST and 1 of the MOST POPULAR...HUGZ and KISSEZ for the ladies and SNOWBALLZ for dudes! Go DOLPHINS🐬, HEAT🔥 and MARLINS🐟! I only have this ONE avatar and its NEVER been jailed! Trophy Score 🏆 50,304 TPs! My birthday is December 30th! RIP mother (04/15/16) Ciao 4 now, B Ez ☯️, Peace Out✌ and God bless! Just...Alx, Being...Alx 😇"
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