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"You have so far received a total of 376 2014 Summer Moon Charms. When you get 124 more 2014 Summer Moon Charms, a new item will be unlocked!🌙 You have a full set picked out. Time to ask someone to get it for you!😁 STAY SAFE, STAY HEALTHY! 🙏🏻 GET YOUR COVID-19 VACCINES PLEASE. HELP STOP THE SPREAD OF THE CORONAVIRUS. 💗 THANK YOU 💜🙏🏻💖 [praying that this pandemic ends. please follow the CDC, WHO, and your cities' guidelines on staying healthy and safe for yourselves and your families] ADVENTURE TIME! WHEEE! 🤗 {DECOR} {ODBL} ☕ *FYI: OldBagClinton is my other avi... *Collecting Fire Dragon Scale charms, 73 more for a new background 😁... TY!💜"
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