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We are NOT perfect. So don't try. We are who we are. Love that.
Topic Created on 11/7/2022
What I do NOT get, is how you people can be friends with liars and NOT honest people. Unfriend and block me as you wish cause some did that. While all the time telling me they want honest friends. Yet One thing is missing. Do you know? Answer here
Topic Created on 11/2/2022
I just dont know what some wants from me. I can be your friend. I hate drama but yet some lives for it. I have enough drama at home where I live.. I dont need it here. Takes 2 yes but ya easy to ingore me after huh?
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My group JAZAC. New or old members post here. Anything ya want to say good or bad. Better not be bad lol.
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Post here if you like me.
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