Fall Feastival
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ChatAlexStone2539: I've over 14.2 Million CPs and 80 percent is from The Mining Game! =o)
ChatAlexStone2539: True, that would be my 3rd choice.
Chat0o0iluvme0o0: Also call of Pharoah, when u work ads you get cp
ChatAlexStone2539: Gift boxes r a rip off.
ChatAlexStone2539: Best way to get CPs is the Mining Game...tben sell what u've mined. Fishing helps too.
ChatDaddyzmija: i hav No cp so tried to gift myself a Heavey Jewelery Gift Box and it wont let me even tried to get a Gamer Gift box and cant buy it for urself, thats not koo. i need cps
Chatbn2red: *bn2red*
Chatim1hotmess46: *im1hotmess46*

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