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My First Redemption My First Redemption - 1 Point
Awarded for redeeming 50 Holiday Tokens.

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ChatTia2544: *jayz4243*
Chatjayz4243: kik please
ChatJasonmafia: buy my swimsuit
ChatLynnCurtis: You have a full set picked out. Time to ask someone to get it for you ty if anyone can help me
ChatBatty: j1LL thanks you for Gathering Sand.
ChatTwiggy05: Congratulations, you have reached level 139!As a reward, your current board's luster has been restored to 100, and you have been given a free tub of wax. Sorry, you did not find a pet Yellow Sea Star this time
ChatTwiggy05: While you were away, section 143 of your sand castle was completed! Sorry, you did not find a pet Green Sea Star this time.

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