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ChatxxTWIZT3Dxx: Hi SP sis
ChatxxTWIZT3Dxx: rockchick25 thanks you for Gathering Sand. You found a Holiday Token!
ChatSerenitypeacec13: You dig Jaydendawn's outfit and have given Jaydendawn a big thumbs up!
ChatJaydendawn: *jaydendawn* strutting
ChatCatholicgirl92: While you were away, section 5 of your sand castle was completed! Once you reach 10 sand castle sections, you get a chance of finding a pet Green Sea Star.
ChatTina1172: beercrazythanks you for Detailing Sand
ChatTina1172: bluebell53thanks you for Detailing Sand.
ChatTina1172: BECKS7113thanks you for Detailing Sand.

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