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Shakezilla has not started building a set.

Shop Backgrounds (Has 25/25): 100 Tokens
Shop Decorations (Has 25/25): 100 Tokens
Shop Vehicles (Has 25/25): 200 Tokens
Shop Swimwear (Has 25/25): 150 Tokens

Shakezilla's Stats:
Holiday Tokens Found: 61515
Holiday Tokens Spent: 59600
Holiday Tokens Available: 1915
Holiday Tokens Spent on Self: 500
Holiday Tokens Spent on Others: 59100
Holiday Items Bought Total: 200
Holiday Items Bought for Self: 5
Holiday Items Bought for Others: 195
Holiday Items Bought by Others for Me: 256
Holiday Sets Bought for Others: 169
Holiday Sets Bought by Others for Me: 121

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ChatTia2544: You just joined cf or you're an alt. What do you know smarty?
ChatDakota2022: no he not he great guy
ChatTia2544: Uh...yes, he is
ChatDakota2022: no he is not
ChatTia2544: *jamesnbeer* *jazac* *xxTWIZT3Dxx* *MusicalRose* *Yvonne0813* *Jaydendawn* *Kitty2luv* *Singlegirl33* *pattibaby* *Kggatorbaby57* *Twiggy05* kick douse bury
ChatTia2544: Boycott {JAZAC} jamesnbeer and jazac are abusive to members
Chatjahnie: Hello luvvies! Did mold list finished Katie n TeeJay
Chatflockna: sunnycloudy thanks you for Molding Sand.

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