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Themed stores will roughly follow the holiday game schedule. That means once a store goes down in favor of the new one, you won't have access to those items until next year. Your Holiday Tokens work in any store, and they will roll over into next year's holiday season, so don't fret about that.

Finding Holiday Tokens[2]
Redeeming Holiday Tokens[3]
Sets of Items[4]

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ChatAbbieSunshine: While you were away, section 300 of your sand castle was completed!
ChatBonfireBlitz: Show Off Trophy Awarded!
ChatTina1172: Detailers please *tina1172*
ChatBonfireBlitz: Placed 200 Logs Trophy Awarded!
ChatDokes: U need 1773 for ur next lvl GEEZ
ChatTina1172: rockchick25thanks you for Detailing Sand.
ChatBonfireBlitz: Refilling 100 of your Energy will cost 1000 Gold Coins.
Chatrockchick25: Castle help plz n ty *rockchick25* *tasszz*

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